Parlante/Speaker The Sound of Midis
Television Themes

Addams Family Theme
Alf Theme
Batman Theme
Baywatch Theme
Bewitched Theme
Dallas Theme
Days of our Lives Theme
Dick Van Dyke Show
ER Theme
Flipper Theme
 Friends Theme
Happy Days Theme
Hawaii Five-O Theme
Hitchcock Theme
I Dream of Jeanie Theme
I Love Lucy Theme
Knots Landing Theme
Lassie Theme
Looney Toons Theme
Mac Gyver Theme
Mad About You Theme
Mary Tyler Moore Show
MASH Theme
Miami Vice Theme
Mike Hammer Theme
Mission Impossible Theme
Munster's Theme
Muppets Theme
Perry Mason Theme
Peter Gun Theme
Pink Panther Theme
Popeye's Theme
Route 66 Theme
Sesame Street Theme
Simpsons Theme
SWAT Theme
The Carol Burnett Show
The Flintstones Theme
The Three Stooges Theme
The Young and the Restless
Twilight Zone Theme
Wheel of Fortune Theme
Who's The Boss Theme
Woody Woodpecker Theme
X-Files Theme

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